February 14, 2002

It's a familiar tale. You enter a new relationship, and all is rosy. Naturally, you want to envelop this person with love.

So what do you do? Knit him or her a sweater.

Time passes, the bloom fades, and just as you finish the sweater, poof. The relationship ends.

The Curse of the Love Sweater

Instead, why not use your energies to knit a seductive sweater for yourself? It can only liven the relationship, and if things don't work out, hey, you've still got a gorgeous sweater to wear on the next date. This week's yarn is the perfect candidate for such a project: Adrienne Vittadini Eva.

Vittadini Strikes, Finally

It's hard to believe I've let 17 months go by without mentioning Adrienne Vittadini. I even have two of her projects on my needles at this very moment. Her styles are contemporary yet elegant, rather like Rowan with a few more inches over the midriff.

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Happy Valentine's Day, and I'll see you in the forums!


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New This Week...
Adrienne Vittadini Eva

Eva's the kind of yarn you'd want with you on a tough interview. Womanly, strong, and self-possessed, she won't fold under pressure.

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