Knitter's Review
August 9, 2002

a cozy swiftLast week we learned how yarn gets from wheel to skein. But wait, it doesn't end there.

After the skeined yarn has been cleaned and dyed, we need to get it out of skein form and into easily usable balls of yarn.

In earlier times, knitters borrowed the willing hands of daughters, sisters, or friends to hold the skein taut so they could easily roll it into a ball. But what if you don't have another human handy?


New This Week
Enter the umbrella swift, a device that holds skeins of yarn and spins freely so you can unravel the skein and wrap balls of yarn easily.

Swifts come in several shapes and forms, with pricetags from $30 to $130. Learn more about umbrella swifts and why you may or may not need one.

In the Forums
We're brainstorming about different ways to keep our DPNs in order. What are your ideas?

August Treat
At the end of this month I'll choose one lucky newsletter subscriber to win a gift box containing 1.5 pounds of Scharffen-Berger chocolate. If you've never had this kind of chocolate before, trust me: It's delicious.

Happy knitting, and I'll chat with you in the forums.


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