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October 4, 2002

handspun yarn lapping on the granite shoresContrary to what non-knitters might think, yarn is infinitely fascinating.

How many times have we watched a gorgeous skein of yarn become a mediocre piece of clothing, while a seemingly bland ball of fuzz can be transformed into a beautiful garment?

It's a mystery, as I learned again this week.


New This Week
Jaeger's new Luxury Tweed looked limp, lifeless, and disinteresting. Were it not for the attractive heathered blue color, I might have left it to languish, forever misunderstood, on the shelf. Instead, I gave it a try.

In the Forums
What are the best sources for free online patterns?

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Get Your Pens Ready
We're in the final stages of preparing a full line of yarn-themed holiday cards, also including some beautiful yarn-free images of my wintry New England world.

In the meantime, our Year in Yarn calendar and Girls Who Knit mug remain our top sellers, and several of you have already returned for more. As always, I'm grateful for the support.

Fall Retreat News
I'm extremely excited to announce that Barbara Gentry of Stony Mountain Fibers has agreed to join us for the Saturday evening spin-in portion of the retreat. Not only will she share her expert knowledge with us, but she'll also bring fibers and spinning equipment for you to play with and purchase.

Just a few overnight spaces are still left, but you'll need to act immediately. Learn more about the Knitter's Review Fall Retreat.

New Kid in Town
If you haven't yet heard, allow me to introduce you to Knitty, a new online knitting magazine. It is the brainchild of Amy Singer, a lifelong knitter who learned the craft from her grandmother, for whom Knitty is dedicated. Don't miss the patterns, including some by our very own readers!

October Subscriber Prize
What better way to greet fall than with a big box of tasty chocolate? At the end of this month we're giving away a beautiful assortment of gourmet chocolates (34 pieces total) from Godiva Chocolatier. Stay subscribed to this newsletter and you could win.

Happy knitting, and I'll chat with you in the forums!


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