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April 22, 2004

Mussel shell on ShetlandWe've known that countries can serve as cultural melting pots, but did you know that a yarn can too?

This week we review yarn from Peace Fleece, a very special company that has been working to bridge cultural and political gaps through fiber for nearly 20 years.


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In the Boutique: Tea for Ewe
When was the last time you invited friends over for a relaxed afternoon of knitting? Our Come Knit with Me fill-in invitation provides a great excuse for an impromptu gathering of friends.

In the Forums: Summer Projects?
Now that the spring thaw has finally hit most of the country, it's time to ask, what will you be knitting this summer?

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In the News: Sheep Evades Shearers for Six Years
If you ever wondered what would happen to a sheep if it weren't shorn for six years, a recent article in New Zealand's Otago Daily Times tells the answer.

Last week at a remote sheep station in New Zealand, shepherds apprehended a Merino ram—affectionately named Shrek—that had evaded shearing for six years. According to the article, just a hint of legs and a small part of his face could be seen under his 27kg of fleece (a typical year's shearing produces 4.5kg, to give you a point of comparison).

Even more astonishing than Shrek's ability to survive in such a rugged area unprotected is the fact that the fleece—with a staple length of more than 12 inches—was brilliant white and in perfect condition.

Shrek, who is awaiting a rendez-vous with the shears, will live out the remainder of his life as a celebrity.

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