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August 9, 2012
An early skein of Rowan Denim, back when it was Den-m-Nits

While most yarns strive for consistency, Rowan Denim doesn't. It bleeds on our fingers and shrinks in the wash—and people love it.

Who better to explain the enduring mystique of this classic cotton than Kay Gardiner, Mason-Dixon blogger and our Seed and Bast Fiber Field Expert. In this week's review, Kay covers everything from swatching and shrinking to deep-blue fingers, white muumuus, and freshly trussed chickens.

KR Retreat Update
Whew! The KR Retreat registration was Friday, August 3rd, and it filled immediately. If you submitted a registration form and haven't yet received confirmation from me, please let me know right away. For everyone else, hang tight and I'll let you know your registration status by Friday, August 17th. Thank you very much!

In the Forums: Silly Blocking Spots
Robinstephanie just finished a scarf for her boyfriend and has been trying to block it as furtively as possible so he won't see it—including hiding it under her bed. She asks what's the most ridiculous place you've dried (or tried to dry) your blocked knitting?

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Clara Parkes

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On the Cover

An early skein of Rowan Denim, back when it was Den-m-Nits (courtesy of Kay Gardiner)

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