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 Rolled-Brim Hat

Needle sizes -- Children size 5; Adults size 7 or 8 (depending on how big their head is).

Worsted weight yarn- one ball. 16" circulars and dp's to match.

CO 96 sts. place marker

join and knit in round for 6 inches then start decrease

If doing a fair isle pattern on the hat then knit for 2 (3) inches, start fair isle pattern, when hat measures 6 inches from beginning then start decrease.

Decrease --

round1: *K 14, K2tog* continue around

round 2 and all even rows: knit

round 3: *K 13, K2tog* continue around

round 5: *K 12, K2tog* continue around

continue in decease pattern until only 6 sts remain.

Cut yarn with 8" tail and with yarn needle run yarn through remaining stitches, pull snug, poke to inside and tie off. Weave in any loose ends like at the beginning or with fair isle.

I am NOT a fast knitter, and I can make a hat in four hours with a fair isle pattern on it. They work up quick and are compact for easy carrying in the car or elsewhere.

Deanna Pate

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