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Clover Plastic Mini-Circular Needles

Clover plastic circular needlesClover plastic circular needles






These cute little guys are brand new to the market. So new, in fact, that the packaging is completely in Japanese.

The needles are made of one continuous stream of plastic that forms a flat ribbon in the middle before expanding as a needle on the other end.

They're small enough to knit socks and preemie caps in the round. The entire needle is just shy of 9 inches, with each needle only two inches long.

If your hands have a tendency to cramp with smaller needles, these are pretty much out of the question. Otherwise, they could be fun to try.

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"I ordered the minis from and was promised they would clear airport security. I started a baby's nursery cap and took it to my middle school knitting class to let students try it. Rana finished the cap and gave it to her new sister, born 7-7-02! I like the feel of the needle, but found students who knit 'American' had more trouble than those who knit in the continental style. I plan to use them to knit sleeves on children's sweaters during a month-long vacation." maab76, 8/2/2002

"I've used the tiny Clover circulars and I love them! I found casting on and the first row a little difficult, but no more so than that first row on DPNs. I'm currently finishing a sock using my homespun wool and the size 4 circulars. I suspect I'll be switching to dpns to finish the toes, though." beadme, 2/4/2002

"I just went to Halycyon's online site (10/7/01) & found the new Clover 'shorties':) The price was $4.25 USD in sizes 4,6,8 & 10. I just ordered the 4 & 8 & will see if this can help with my adversion to dpn!" marypjn, 10/6/2001

"I received the tiny Clover circulars & think that I have finally found away around DPNs! :) They are abit awkward with the 'needle' portion being only about 2". That may be an issue for some hands but for me they are just fine. I've never knitted a circular sock before, always worked flat & seamed the back..... well I'm 1/2 thru my FIRST :) Does take a bit getting used to but I'm glad to have these cute little guys in my basket :)" marypnj, 10/13/2001