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Yarn Profile: Weaver's Wool

First Impressions
A dear friend knit me a pair of socks in Weaver's Wool, and ever since it's held a special place in my heart. You can use it again and again without getting bored.

With 350 yards in one skein, it's also a perfect "one-skein wonder" yarn. One skein gives you enough yarn for a fast-knitting, beautiful, yet durable sock.

Weaver's Wool is a sport-weight, three-ply yarn from Mountain Colors. It has the subtle shine you'd expect from the addition of mohair or silk -- yet it's 100% wool.

The colors are clearly inspired by Montana's vast and beautiful Bitterroot Valley, which is where Mountain Colors is located. The exquisite hand-painted blends (28 total) have such names as Mountain Twilight, Golden Willow, and Flathead Cherry.

Knitting Up
Weaver's Wool is a dream yarn for socks. It positively sings on US 4 needles or even smaller ones.

Stitches appear beautifully consistent and tight, with no snagging. Despite the snug 6 1/2 stitches-per-inch gauge, I made progress quickly.

Blocking / Washing
My swatches survived their wash beautifully. There was no bleeding or fading, and they popped right back into shape with a minimum of prodding.

Weaver's Wool is a "wooly" wool that may scratch more than its soft yet not-so-durable merino cousin. My Weaver's Wool socks have been worn and washed more times than I can possibly count.

Despite their age, the socks' color remains true, and the signs of wear are absolutely minimal. My friend had the forethought to reinforce the toes and heels, which certainly helps.

With one humble skein of Weaver's Wool you can whip up a beautiful pair of socks that will last. My recommendation? First, settle on a pattern you like. TheKnitter.com carries several reasonably priced sock patterns designed specifically for Weaver's Wool.

If you're looking for free patterns, go straight to the Socknitters Web site. If you haven't knit socks before, don't fret -- Socknitters also has invaluable tips and tutorials.

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Reader Comments
"This wool is great for 'multiple color' fair isle knitting. By using the varigated colors, I can get an 'Alice Starmore' effect without all those ends and color changes. I love this yarn!" anonymous, 10/6/2001

"I bought a skein of this yarn to try. The first thing I noticed is that the gauge is not 3.5 stitches per inch. The gauge is 20 stitches/3.5 inches. The colors are beautiful and I am enjoying the knitting process." kjohnst, 8/15/2001

"The socknitters site also includes instructions for joining the email list. Folks are really helpful, and there is a new 'mentoring' initiative for people just starting out with socks. Hope that helps." noble, 7/20/2001