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Regia Coated Aluminum Double-Pointed Needles

Regia DPNs
Close-up of Regia DPNs


Regia, from Schachenmayr Nomotta


Coated aluminum


Although equipped with plenty of DPNs, I had to get these new needles from Regia.

Why? Because they come with two adorable little sock-shaped rubber caps that hold the sets together and protect the needle tips.

Otherwise, the needles are similar to Inox coated aluminum DPNs except that the surface is slightly more matte. This means they won't be quite as slippery as the Inox DPNs, but you'll still be able to achieve good speed.

The less-slippery coating also means that casting on will be easier, making these a good introduction to aluminum DPNs.

They have a short taper and comfortably blunt tip.

Regia currently only offers these needles in four sizes (noted below), each of which has a different-colored sock-shaped tip cover. There are five needles per set. Not only does that make these collectible items, but it'll help keep your sets organized.

Available Sizes

Needles are not marked

mm 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5

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