Razzle Dazzle Delights:
Adding Glitter and Sparkle to Your Knits

Do you ever crave a lift? Do you look for something to elevate you from the daily grind -- a momentary sense of magic. We knitters have a special tool at our disposal: shiny, sparkly, and even glittery yarns.

Whether your desired effect be hot, cool, ethereal, glamorous, subtle, or angelic, there's a yarn for you. They fall into the three general categories illustrated below.

GGH Fee-ColorYarn with just a trace of shine or glitter blended with other fibers for a delicate highlighted effect.
Berroco Metallic FXYarn made primarily of the glittery material, with fiber serving only as a backdrop
Berroco Mirror FXYarn that is barely yarn at all, but rather a thin strand of unobtrusive thread holding sequins spaced at regular intervals. The thread is intended to be used alongside your yarn of choice, thereby giving you greater creative freedom.

Where to Shine

Glittery highlights have traditionally been reserved for accent areas, whether it be around the neck, wrists, or trim of a sweater, the brim of a hat, or the wrists of mittens.

It is also appropriate for evening wraps, stoles, and scarves, as well as for accessories ranging from knitted bags and tea cozies to afghans.

Most designers tend to reserve all-glitter garments for slinky eveningwear styles, although this, too, is beginning to change as more modest options become available.

Knitter Beware

Most shiny visual effects come from materials that are derived from either plastics or metals. Unfortunately, these materials tend not to be as soft as their fiber-based counterparts.

Keep this wearability in mind when choosing your sparkle, especially for items that come in frequent contact with the skin, such as scarves.

Many yarn manufacturers blend softer fibers with glitter to offset the scratchiness. This also helps tone down the sparkle if you're looking for a more subtle effect.

The second concern with glittery yarns is durability. The materials used to create sparkle are often treated with a special coating or are made up of multiple coated layers that have been glued or melted together. If the wrong yarn went into your drier, you could easily end up with a melted mess.

Over time, the plastics and coatings can dull and break down. Sequins can also become brittle and crack or lose their shine.

In This Series

Join us as we walk through each category of glitter, showing what's available, how it feels on the needles, and how you may want to use it for best effect.

We begin with the boldest of the bold, sequined threads. They are best represented in two Berroco FX yarns. We take them through various pairings and knittability tests to determine their best and worst applications.

arrow  Read about bold sequined threads using Berroco Lazer and Mirror FX

arrow  Read about softer fluff and sparkle using GGH Fee
     a few secret sparkles in a sea of white mohair

In This Series