Tools for Taming Yarn: Pony Wool Needles
Pony wool needles

If you thought all yarn needles were the same, you're in for a surprise. Brought to you by a veteran gramophone needle manufacturer in India, Pony wool needles have a distinctly original design you'll either love or wonder what all the fuss is about.

What are they?
First of all, these are not knitting needles—they're the bigger needles we use to sew in loose ends and piece knitted garments together.

Most yarn needles are simply enlarged versions of standard sewing needles, with a generous eye to hold thicker yarns and a blunt tip to avoid snagging. Some yarn needles also feature a slightly angled tip to help you select your stitches.

But these wool needles are entirely different. Their tip looks and feels almost exactly like a coated aluminum knitting needle. And on the other side, where the fixed eye should go, there's a flexible clear nylon loop.

Despite the firm strength of the needle itself, the nylon loop gives your stitching a fluid, flexible feel.

The needles come in packs of three, ranging in size from small to large. The larger the needle, the more firm the nylon loop—most likely assuming that you'll use a larger needle for a larger yarn and thus need a stronger loop to hold it.

A Must-Have?
I'm a great fan of accessorizing, especially when it requires a minimal investment. Sure, you could probably make do with a standard yarn needle, just like you could probably make do with only one pair of needles in each size. But why limit yourself?

Vital Stats
Pony Wool Needles retail for $2.50 (for a set of three) and are available anywhere you find Pony tools. You can find them online at

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