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Lantern Moon Destiny Circular Needles

Lantern Moon Destiny circular needle in ebonyLantern Moon Destiny circular needle


Lantern Moon


Wood (available in Ebony or Rosewood)


Released in 2006, these beautiful needles are the long-awaited circular answer to Lantern Moon's single-pointed straight needles and DPNs. You can read the poignant story about the people who make these needles.

The Destiny circulars come in two varieties: a dark velvety ebony wood (pictured above) and Lantern Moon Destiny Circularsa lighter rosewood (shown at left). Both are given the same smooth finish (they call it "liquid silk") as the other Lantern Moon needles. The wood itself is completely smooth and snag-free from join to tip.

The Destiny tip is fairly blunt, with a medium taper that grows shorter in smaller needle sizes. The join is similar to that of the Crystal Palace Circulars, with a brass connection cup that hugs the needle and allows the nylon cord to swivel. By allowing the needle and cord to rotate independently of one another, you don't have to deal with a kinked-up cord. It's a feature I happen to like.

Connector Woes
Initial production runs had some issues where the connection came loose from the needle, but I understand these issues have been fixed. I had no such problems with either set of needles, despite my best attempts to break them.

I've also heard from more than one yarn store that whenever there is a problem, Lantern Moon is exceptionally fast and accommodating about fixing it—so if you do happen to get an early set and it breaks, you'll easily be able to get a new set.

Steady Stitch Control
The smooth surface provides good drag for better stitch control. Over time, I found that the shiny finish on my needles wore away to a softer, glowing patina that gave more drag to my stitches.

Such a finish is perfect for delicate lacework. However, delicate lacework benefits from a sharp tip for easier stitch manipulation, where the Destiny's blunt tip will have to suffice. I found it fine.

A Note For Tight Knitters
I've heard some complaints about stitches getting jammed up on the joins. My experience is that this is a common phenomenon with this type of join, not just the Destiny needles in particular, and it's only problematic if you tend to knit very tightly. If this sounds like you, you may want to stick with circulars that have a more seamless join—but prepare to have to un-kink the cord more frequently.

Available sizes

Cord lengths: 16, 26, 32, 40 inches

US: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 and 11

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