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If you're looking for knitting needles, Jean Leonard's online store has the biggest selection on the planet. Well we don't know that for sure, but it's definitely impressive.

You'll find all the standards -- Addi Turbo, Brittany Birch and Walnut, Clover Bamboo, Skacel, Pony Pearl, and Susan Bates. But that's not all.

Stellar Stock

Other stores stock perhaps one or two Swallow Casein colors, but Jean has almost all the colors -- even the funky turquoise, lavender, and pink ones -- in almost all the needle sizes and lengths. I say "almost" because when I ordered a bunch I had to pick alternate colors for two sets. Still, it beats having no choice at all.

She also has beautiful handmade birch needles, a good selection of dangerously sharp Shetland needles, and loads of accessories for knitting, needlepoint, quilting, and sewing.

Smooth System

I placed my order late on a Saturday afternoon, and Jean confirmed my order almost immediately and gave me a list of alternate colors for those two needle sets. She was friendly, responsive, and extremely professional. Within a few days I had my beloved needles.

The only cloud on an otherwise perfect transaction was the fact that the box smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. This may be a sensitive issue for some people. I put my needles outside for a few hours, and the smell soon evaporated.

The good news is that a more recent order was devoid of any cigarette smell. Bravo, Jean!

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Previous reader comments

"I have ordered many times from Jean. The orders have arrived promptly for items in stock and I was notified if there was a delay due to an item being out of stock. I was really amazed at how fast the first order arrived form the east coast." patzski, 11/3/2001