On the Road:
Tripping in Tucson

As an adolescent growing up in Tucson, I never once set foot in a yarn shop.

I was an avid knitter, but I equated yarn and knitting with the East Coast, where my grandma had taught me to knit and kept me well stocked with yarn.

Rediscovering Home

On a recent trip to Tucson, I got a new experience of a town I thought I knew so well.

The first thing you'll notice about Tucson's yarn shops is that there aren't many.

Included in the Yellow Pages listings are a Southwestern souvenir shop that has no yarn and a needlepoint shop that carries fewer than a dozen skeins at any one time.

Double Take

But the next thing you'll notice - and this is quite remarkable - is that the most promising yarn shop in Tucson has not one but two locations. These shops are so successful that they even advertise on TV.

What follows is a profile of both locations, an interview with their owner and founder, plus other entertainment options for the non-knitting members of your party. Enjoy!

Purls North
Purls East
Chat with Purls Founder
View of the mountains north of Tucson