Quick, Fun Dyeing for Beginners:

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picture of one skein

"I stumbled upon your sight and thought I'd try dying some thread with kool-aid. I used #10 southmaid thread and wound it into a skein to dye. Using the ordinary shades of kool-aid I dipped portions of the thread into the pots of hot koolaid and tried them for various lengths of time. I did 3 skeins and these are the flowers I crocheted (I am not an avid knitter) using the koolaid dyed thread.

I am thinking I am going to try some yarn later this year in koolaid dye and make scarves with it. Thanks for this wonderful information on how to do this, I really love the results."

Shirley Barkley
picture of one skein

"I just finished my first experiment with both kool-aid and with painting yarn. The picture is a direct scan of the skein. I'm a little disappointed with how similar all of the reds are, but I'm sure that I had too much bleeding, it being my first time and all.

The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride (although it could be Nature Spun - I got unlabeled skeins at a thrift store). I used a package each of tropical punch, cherry, black cherry, grape, lemonade, and orange, and 'painted' the skeins by dropping colors in place with a spoon or straw."

Terri Shea
picture of two skeins

"OK, here's some new colors. I did Changin' Cherry which turned out aqua, so of course I had to do a quick sample of Blue Moon Berry as a contrast.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's colors!

Terri Shea
child wearing cute Kool Aid-dyed sweater

"I used Kool Aid to dye Lyon Brand's Chucky cotton yarn. It worked wonderful. I knitted a small sweater for my girlfriend's daughter. The picture isn't that good, but the yarn was a wonderful mixture of pinks and I mixed it with a second dye of greens."

Tina Sanders
a tangerine orange-colored skein

This is a batch of handspun merino that I dyed prior to spinning. I used equal amounts of orange and lemon Kool Aid, in this case one packet of each. Looks just like an orange creamsicle. Yum!

Clara Parkes
(your friendly Knitter's Review gal)
Balls of dyed yarn

Front view of sweater made with dyed yarn

Back view of sweater and matching hat

"My four year old dyed these with Kool Aid and I knitted the sweater and hat. The colors we used were grape, tropical punch, strawberry kiwi, ice raspberry (that's the bright blue), orange, mango (left over from philosopher's wool kit...makes the bright yellow and apparently only available in Canada) and cherry. The green is actually lime jello, no sugar variety... use it just like Kool-Aid but have to rinse a little more (or you have gummy stuff all over the yarn). We actually did the lime jello on a camping trip, over the campfire and hung it in the trees to dry."

Alie Scholes
Beautifully executed socks!

"This is a pair of socks in progress for my husband. Hand spun two ply, merino superwash. Cherry, orange, and grape, sprinkled on top of the pre-spun yarn and overdyed with orange."

Sheila Hoak
Kool Aid packages, hanks, and socks

"I printed out your June article, with great interest, in dying yarn with Kool Aid. As soon as my daughters, [13,10, and 8] returned from a vacation, we tried it.

I used white Silja Superwash wool sock yarn. I had my daughters do all of it except knit the socks. They rolled the yarn into hanks, dyed the yarn, and following my instructions, set it with the microwave method.

This photo shows my one daughter's results. She dyed it by dripping various colors on with a spoon. My other 2 daughter's did theirs differently. Thanks you so much for this article. It was so fun to do!"

Lisa Parker

Have you experimented with Kool Aid or other similar types of dyes? Send us a picture with a brief description!