What Colors Say About Us:

Colors and Energy

Another way to look at colors is in terms of their relationship with our energy. Many people believe that colors can have a direct impact on the energy of the person wearing or viewing them.

Color therapists practice these theories in their professional work.

Colors that...

Lift energy: Yellows, reds, turquoise, and any bright colors. Some say that yellow even speeds metabolism. Is it a coincidence that McDonald's chose bright yellow and red for its signs?

Dampen energy: Dark colors, especially browns.

Tranquilize energy: Light greens and pinks, and most pastel colors. This may explain why so many people paint their children's bedrooms light pastel colors.

Draw energy: Rich purples, reds, and golds. Think of the bullfighter's cape as an example, or the fact that red cars statistically get more speeding tickets than any other-colored cars.

If you're interested in learning more about color therapy, go to healing.about.com.


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     A Kool-Aid color rainbow

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