just give us a fireplace

When Knitters Gather:
Knitter's Review Retreat
November 7-10, 2013

Take us away from our daily demands, to a magical place where someone else cooks for us and clears the table and makes our bed. Put us with people who share one of our deepest passions. Make it a safe place where we can let down our guard, open up to new friends, new ideas, and, of course, new yarns. Give us three, four days together in such an environment, and we will surely amass enough inspiration and goodwill to carry us through the year ahead.

Such a phenomenon occurs every November at the Knitter's Review Retreat, which celebrated its 12th year—and third at the Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, New York.

Oversee enough of these events and you'll begin to spot patterns.

chairs chairs and the lake

For starters: Give us a lake, and we'll take endless pictures of it. Even if it's too cold to sit by it and knit.

sunrise the lake


Give us a fireplace and we will congregate, like cats.

give us a hallway

Give us a hallway and we will fill it.

Give us a table and we will sit at it.

mealtime Ann

smiles Smiles

the stash lounge
Give us your tired, your weary stash cast-offs, and we will showcase them where others will discover them, fall in love, and take them home to a brighter, happier future.

men in ponchos!

Even the patterns featuring unflattering photos of men in ponchos.

Give us a cause and we will knit for it. Or in this case two causes, both nominated by attendees earlier in the summer. Together we made 86 hats and six pairs of mittens for the VA Medical Center in Canandaigua, New York, as well as 59 snuggles blankets for the Humane Society of Calvert County, Maryland.

hats Snuggles

Filling in for Lou, our happy stasher
Give us vendors and we will frequent them. A lot. Especially if they happen to be, in order of appearance from left to right, row by row, Spirit Trail Fiberworks and Brooklyn Tweed, Briar Rose and Peace Love & Yarn, or Jill Draper Makes Stuff and Jennie the Potter, who designed a custom mug just for the event.

Spirit Trail Brooklyn Tweed

Briar Rose Peace Love & Yarn

Jill Draper Jennie the Potter


Give us donuts and we will eat them. Especially if they're hand-delivered by my father from a legendary local cider mill from my childhood.

In the evening, give us a runway and a disco ball, and, well...things may happen.

disco ball Jill Draper

Give us a handknit and we will admire it.

Jane and Kris friendship

Jill Draper's amazing sweater listening

Nancy and her gorgeous shawl Cynthia and her gorgeous scarf

Lot 1 of the Great White Bale
Give us your Great White Bale Lot 1 projects and we will ask you to pose.

Lot 2 of the Great White Bale
Same goes for Lot 2

Lot 3 of the Great White Bale
And Lot 3 while you're at it.

Norah and Emily
Give us newcomers and we will welcome them, no matter if they're one of our renowned teachers (Norah Gaughan, at right) or young stars just getting started at Berroco (Emily, at left).

Amy and her measuring tape

Give Amy Herzog a measuring tape and she will swiftly measure us, and we will feel great about it.

Carson Demers

Give Carson Demers a minute and he'll not only explain why your posture affects your knitting but why some people will never be able to twerk.

Gail Callahan

Give Gail Callahan a minute and she'll change your whole perspective on color.

Happy campers
Tell us to go outside even though it's really really cold, and smile for the camera? We'll do it. Happily.

casting on
Give us your cast-on row and we will add our stitch.

Casting on Casting on

Give us super-special secret yarn and we will swatch it.

Terri and Luann Swatches


Give us paper, and we will write on it.

Bristol Stephen

Give us an iPhone and we'll take pictures.

Stephen Sue

Point a camera at us and we will smile.

Miriam Louise

Amy Anne and her son Stephen

Katherine counts!

Unless, of course, we're in the middle of counting stitches.


Give us a calendar, and we will mark it for next year.

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