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  Vogue Knitting on the Go: Bags and Backpacks
edited by Trisha Malcolm
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If you follow fashion trends, you know that knitted bags are all the rage. They're also absurdly overpriced, especially if you're a knitter and know that -- if you just had a decent pattern -- you could make them yourself.

Once again, Vogue Knitting's Trisha Malcolm comes to the rescue. This book, part of the pocket-sized Vogue Knitting on the Go series, is a pleasure to behold. It features 27 patterns for bags, purses, satchels, and backpacks by such noted designers as Nicky Epstein, Sasha Kagan, Deborah Newton, and Joan McGowan.

What's Inside

The book has a diverse variety of patterns to suit most tastes. For example, there's a Jackie O.-inspired Chunky Tote, a sheep-shaped backpack for kids, and a Paisley Carry-All that would make a great bag to hold knitting projects. I've already picked three bags to make as Christmas gifts, and I'm confident I'll soon be knitting up others.

Skill Level

Knitting difficulty ranges from beginner -- with six Very Easy, Very Vogue patterns -- to 13 intermediate patterns and eight experienced patterns.

If you're a beginner, don't be put off by the number of intermediate patterns. They aren't painfully difficult, and because these are small-scale projects, they're a great way to explore new techniques without going overboard.

Great for Gifts

Every knitter's library should include a selection of quick, easy-to-make gift ideas. If you only had this and the other books in this series, you'd be well set.

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