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  Little Badger Knitwear: Knitted Projects for Babies and Toddlers
by Ros Badger and Elaine Scott
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This is the first book from the design duo of Ros Badger and Elaine Scott. And based on what I see, it won't be the last.

Nice to the Touch

The book itself is lovely. Its size, paperstock, and cover make it a pleasure to hold. Inside you'll find 25 patterns total, three of which include two possible design motifs.

The majority of the patterns are pullovers and cardigans, but there are also leggings, mittens, booties, a blanket, scarf, hat, and rucksack.

The Designs

Many of the sweaters follow simple, basic patterns with different color motifs in the center: a heart, flower, soccer ball, star, etc. A beginner would be able to tackle these with no problem.

I found a few potentially frustrating phrases, like "dec 1 st at each end on every foll alt row until 30 sts." Huh? Just stay calm, refer to the abbreviation glossary, and you'll be fine.

Charting New Territory

There are no schematics for the patterns, so you'll have to trust that the sleeve you're knitting will resemble what it's supposed to. The color charts are clear and easy to read. Badger and Scott opted for charts that are marked by colors rather than symbols.

Having color-coded charts is pleasing to the eye, but I'm not sure how well they'll come out if you make a photocopy. Fortunately, for the most part these charts are easy enough that you won't need to copy them.

Promising Partnership

The authors began their design partnership in 1996 with the Little Badger mail-order catalog. I'm glad to see that they took their business a step further by publishing their patterns.

If you like the general style of Debbie Bliss and Zoe Mellor, you'll definitely want to check out this book.

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