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  Double Knits: Pairs of Patterns for Babies and Toddlers
by Zoe Mellor
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Take one pattern, create two slightly different variations of it, and have a pair of twins model them both. That's what Zoe Mellor has done in "Double Knits," a gorgeous collection of knitwear patterns for newborns to three-year-olds.

Double Your Pleasure

The book contains 20 basic designs, each of which is shown in two colorways, patterns, or motifs.

You'll find cardigans that become pullovers, jackets with and without collars, a baby all-in-one that becomes a sundress, stars that become hearts, big daisies that become smaller daisies, and more. You actually get 40 patterns for the price of 20!

A Blissful Connection

If you're not already familiar with the works of London-based designer Zoe Mellor, her previous books include "Colorful Knits for You and Your Child" and "Head to Toe Knits."

Her design style and affiliation with Rowan yarns put her in the same class as Debbie Bliss. But where Bliss painstakingly walks you through intricate, miniature works of art, Mellor has a more utilitarian goal in mind.

Straight to the Point

Mellor's patterns are fundamentally quick and easy to knit. She wrote this book when her son Toby was only 18 months old. Having a child of her own has obviously helped her understand children's clothing and the time (or lack thereof) mothers have to knit.

Mellor doesn't gab; she lets the pictures and patterns convey her message.

Speaking of pictures, this book has some of the most gorgeous twin shots I've ever seen. I applaud Daniel Pangbourne for so artfuly getting the attention of these children.

Easy to Knit

The majority of projects in this book are appropriate for beginner to intermediate knitters. Only a few require truly advanced skills.

Most designs feature several colors, usually combined with a simple moss-stitch edging. But Mellor also provides one aran and one lace sweater and cardigan if stitchwork suits your fancy.

Easy to Read

The book itself is beautifully designed, with gorgeous photographs and easy-to-follow patterns. I found very little convoluted language or cryptic abbreviations. The color charts are small but clear and will enlarge well if you photocopy them.

Even if you don't have twins or know anyone who does, this is a solid collection of easy yet eye-catching children's patterns to add to your library.

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