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Quick Gifts for the Holidays

What are your tried-and-true gift projects, the ones you know you can finish in a pinch?

Email me your favorite project and I'll post it here for everyone to see.

Include photos if you have them, as well as any instructions. If your projects are from copyrighted patterns, you can still participate by emailing me the pattern name and source.

Gift patterns
Quick-Knitting Scarf  from Connie Lane
Favorite Easy Scarf  from Cazaruba
Headbands and Washcloths  from Lara Neel
Keds-Style Shoe Ornament  from Susan Levstein by way of Tanya Tadenev
Chenille Scarf  from Aspenwool
Rolled-Brim Hat  from Deanna Pate
Buttoned Stole  from Knitter's Review - includes photo!

Patterns on other sites
Christmas Bell/Pin Ornament II  from Debbie McGrath by way of Tanya Tadenev
Catnip Mouse Toy  Designed by Robert Matthews, with slight modifications by Esther Smith Bozak. We've used this pattern again and again, with consistently superb results.
Knitlist Holiday Gift Patterns  Our favorite source!

Other recommendations
"I love the ingenious Maltese Fisherman's Hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann's 'Knitter's Almanac.' It's gauged for adults using a heavy weight yarn, but I find that it will fit a baby if you use worsted."  Katie Kehrig

"For a fast gift I like making 'tube' socks in great varigated colors. If there is no time for turning heels, etc., this is the best way to go, and also very welcome especially if you make them a bit longer and the recipient can wear them in boots or around the house on a cool day. If time permits, a scarf and/or rolled-brimmed hat would be great to go with the socks...

...Kerchiefs and scarves are also the rage. Make some on large needles (sizes 13:15:17), use DK weight or worsted with an easy yarn-over pattern (so it is holey), and you have a great gift in no time."  Beverly

"For last-minute or quick gifts I love to give dishcloths knit using Christmas Sugar 'N Spice yarn.'s Dishcloth Boutique has a lot of patterns to choose from as well. People love getting something you made, and especially when you knit it in the Christmas yarn...

...Last year I had a stack of them that I intended to use as last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers. My 7-year-old niece and nephew were over for a Christmas project and present wrapping day, and they just loved the dishcloths. They put them on their head as veils, used them as teddy bear blankets, and as a saddle on the cat. They were so crazy about them we ended up wrapping them all up for Santa to give their mama in her stocking. I have always wondered if she thought I was giving her some sort of a hint when I gave her five dischcloths!!! If she did, she never complained!!!"  Marianne Billings

"My favorite last minute gift item other than socks, which have already been mentioned, is the lacy hood from Judy Gibson's website. It's beautiful and very easy to knit, and you can make it from Brown Sheep, so it doesn't cost a fortune. And people who don't knit don't realize that nothing goes faster than an easy lace pattern. Women love it because it's warm and looks pretty and doesn't mess up their hair."  Valerie

"I am very fond of the felted baby bootie pattern from Fiber Trends!"  J.S. Fischer

"My favorite gift is a pair of socks. Most people appreciate them and it's easy to make them look elegant, with a lacy pattern, funky with stripes or variegated and I can usually dig up some yarn without having to go out to buy more or order it. Teenagers and young adults (of which I have plenty) really get a 'kick' out of handknit socks."  D. Simon

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