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Taming Circular Needles:
Soft Tackle Binder Bags
The Browning Fishing Binder Bag
What do fishing tackle and circular knitting needles have in common? When it comes to storage, a lot more than you think.
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General tools for taming yarn

- Knit Klips

- Fishing Tackle Cases

- Circular Needle ID Tags

- McMorran Yarn Balance

- Yarn Meter

- Knitting machines demystified

- Ball winders

- Niddy noddies

- Umbrella swifts

- The Knitters Friend big stitch holders

- Clover thread cutter pendant

- Pony wool needles

- Mini knitting board

Pom-pon makers

- Clover pom-pon makers

- Susan Bates jumbo pom-pon maker


- Sole solution sock design software

- Garment designer

- The sweater wizard 3.0


- D-fuzz-it undoes it

- Circular needle counters

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Cocoknits Sweater Care Kit
the kit
Consider it the perfect housewarming gift for the sweater knitter in your life.
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