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- Needle overview

- The pros and cons of straight needles

- Demystifying circular needles

- Double your pleasure with double-pointed needles

- Getting started with double-pointed needles in four easy steps

- Darning needles explained

Needle reviews

Most recent: Addi Turbo Rockets and Sock Rockets

Knitter's Pride Karbonz needles

- Single-pointed straight needles

- Circular needles

- Double-pointed needles

Interchangeable needle sets

- Addi Click Interchangeables

- Addi Lace Click Interchangeables

- Addi Lace Click Interchangeables with Long Tips

- NEW: ChiaoGoo Twist and Spin Interchangeables

- Denise Interchangeables

- Pink Denise Interchangeables

- Knit Picks Options

- NEW: Knitter's Pride Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeables

- Plymouth Bamboo Sister Set

Needle cases

- Soft tackle binder bags

- Della Q The Que

- The Denise Organizer

- Lexie Barnes Kitty

Counters, sizers, holders, & ID tags

- Row Counters

- Circular Needle ID Tags

- Debra's Garden Needle Gauge Pendant

- DPN Keepers by Chicken Boots

- StitchKeepers by Rollie

Beyond needles
General tools

- New! Knitter's Keep magnetic bracelet and accessory holder

- Lilly Brush for removing pills

- EatSmart Kitchen Scale for weighing yarn

- Ball winders

- Clover thread cutter pendant

- D-fuzz-it undoes it

- Gail Callahan's Color Grid

- Homestead Heirlooms leather purse handles

- The Knitters Friend big stitch holders

- Knit Klips

- McMorran Yarn Balance

- Mini knitting board

- Niddy noddies

- Pattern Tamers

- Pony wool needles

- Staedtler Color Wheel

- Stitch Light from Buffy Ann Designs

- Umbrella swifts

- Yarn Meter

Blocking tools

- How to block lace

- Block n Roll blocking surface

- HandWorks Dressing Wires for blocking lace

- Inspinknity Ultra Fine Lace Blocking Wires for blocking lace

- Knitter's Block blocking kit

- Stretching felted garments back into shape with Unshrinkit

Knitting machines

- Knitting machines demystified

Pom-pon makers

- Clover pom-pon makers

- Susan Bates jumbo pom-pon maker

Project bags

- Knitting Bags: A Primer

- Della Q Molly

- GoKnit Pouch

- Heather French Ltd. Button Bag (no longer available)


- Knitter's Toolbox calculators for gauge, buttonholes, shaping, and picking up stitches

- StashBot yardage calculator

- StitchinKnit™ knitting symbol font

- Sole solution sock design software

- Garment designer

- The sweater wizard 3.0

Featured Tool Review

Knitter's Toolbox
Knitter's Toolbox logo
The pattern says to pick up 140 stitches evenly along the button band of your cardigan, and your mind goes numb trying to do the calculations. Lo! There's an app for that!
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