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- Needle overview

- NEW: What makes yarns split? (Hint: Needle tips play a part.)

- The pros and cons of straight needles

- Demystifying circular needles

- Double your pleasure with double-pointed needles

- Getting started with double-pointed needles in four easy steps

- Darning needles explained

Needle reviews

Most recent: Addi Turbo Rockets and Sock Rockets

Knitter's Pride Karbonz needles

- Single-pointed straight needles

- Circular needles

- Double-pointed needles

- New! Fix-A-Stitch double-ended tool for picking up dropped knit or purl stitches

Interchangeable needle sets

- Addi Click Interchangeables

- Addi Lace Click Interchangeables

- Addi Lace Click Interchangeables with Long Tips

- NEW: ChiaoGoo Twist and Spin Interchangeables

- Denise Interchangeables

- Pink Denise Interchangeables

- Knit Picks Options

- NEW: Knitter's Pride Symfonie Dreamz Interchangeables

- Plymouth Bamboo Sister Set

Needle cases

- Soft tackle binder bags

- Della Q The Que

- The Denise Organizer

- Lexie Barnes Kitty

Counters, sizers, holders, & ID tags

- Row Counters

- Circular Needle ID Tags

- Debra's Garden Needle Gauge Pendant

- DPN Keepers by Chicken Boots

- StitchKeepers by Rollie

Beyond needles
General tools

- Knitter's Keep magnetic bracelet and accessory holder

- Lilly Brush for removing pills

- EatSmart Kitchen Scale for weighing yarn

- Ball winders

- Clover thread cutter pendant

- D-fuzz-it undoes it

- Gail Callahan's Color Grid

- Homestead Heirlooms leather purse handles

- The Knitters Friend big stitch holders

- Knit Klips

- McMorran Yarn Balance

- Mini knitting board

- Niddy noddies

- Pattern Tamers

- Pony wool needles

- Staedtler Color Wheel

- Stitch Light from Buffy Ann Designs

- Umbrella swifts

- Yarn Meter

Blocking tools

- New! Cocoknits Sweater Care Kit

- How to block lace

- Block n Roll blocking surface

- HandWorks Dressing Wires for blocking lace

- Inspinknity Ultra Fine Lace Blocking Wires for blocking lace

- Knitter's Block blocking kit

- Stretching felted garments back into shape with Unshrinkit

Knitting machines

- Knitting machines demystified

Pom-pon makers

- Clover pom-pon makers

- Susan Bates jumbo pom-pon maker

Project bags

- Knitting Bags: A Primer

- Della Q Molly

- GoKnit Pouch

- Heather French Ltd. Button Bag (no longer available)


- Knitter's Toolbox calculators for gauge, buttonholes, shaping, and picking up stitches

- StashBot yardage calculator

- StitchinKnit™ knitting symbol font

- Sole solution sock design software

- Garment designer

- The sweater wizard 3.0

Featured Tool Review

Cocoknits Sweater Care Kit
the kit
Consider it the perfect housewarming gift for the sweater knitter in your life.
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