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More Articles About Yarn
Sizing Up Oddballs
How much yarn is in that skein?
yummy leftovers!
If you're like me, you have bins of yarn whose labels have long since disappeared. And in those few cases where you thought to save the label, the skein itself has been partially used. So how do you figure out how much yarn you have left, and what its gauge and recommended needle size are?

  Part 1: Using a Niddy Noddy
  Part 2: Using a McMorran Yarn Balance
  Part 3: Using a Yarn Meter
  Part 4: Matching to Needle Size and Gauge

- Understanding spin and ply
- What colors say about us
- Where to find inexpensive yarns
- Dirty work: how to clean handknitted garments

Fiber facts
- Almighty alpaca
- Adorable angora
- Cotton 101
- All about mohair
- Merino 101
- All about wool

Careers in fiber
- Online yarn shop entrepreneur: interview with Emma Eaton, owner of
- How to publish designs in knitwear magazines
- Writing and publishing a successful knitting-oriented book

Felting (fulling)
- Yarns for felting: Brown Sheep beauties
- Fulling knitted garments

- Eucalan No-Rinse Woolwash
- Road trip: Fiber Fields alpaca farm
- Buying hand-dyed yarns: resources

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