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This wise old tree lives at the end of our field, a safe distance from the bluff that’s slowly being eaten by the sea. Every year, she grows taller and wider, her lumps becoming more pronounced and glorious.

She does not wish to be shorter or wispier. She doesn’t waste time envying her neighbor, the birch tree, or wishing she could swap places with one of the blueberry bushes in the field. She is perfectly content to be who, what, and where she is.

I propose that we carry a bit of her spirit into the world with us this week.

Could there be a more perfect red? ...

Ask and ye shall receive! Who knew so many of you were curious about snow washing? I made a Wool Short all about it—you’ll find the link in my profile linktree. While you’re there, be sure to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, as all the kids say, for more quick explanations of scintillating wool factoids. It’s all made possible thanks to members of The Wool Channel. ...

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