elcome to Knitter’s Review, your trusted resource for in-depth reviews of knitting yarns and tools, as well as tutorials on everything from how to knit socks and lace to how to substitute yarns. You’ll also find the best knitting events calendar on the Internet. My name is Clara Parkes, and I’ve been sharing my adventure here since 2000. Please make yourself at home. I’m glad you’re here!

News flash: I’ve joined forces with Stephen and Penelope to bring you a stay-at-home Crafty Pub Quiz for knitters and crocheters. Summons your craft buddies, download the free quiz pack, and let the adventure begin!

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I hadn’t planned on going wading this evening, but if you arrive at the beach and it’s high tide and THIS is what greets you…it’d be rude not to accept the invitation. There was even a tiny cloud iridescence. Well played, Mother Nature. ...

Fall is nature’s reminder that aging can be quite beautiful. We don’t listen, but nature keeps trying. ...

Did someone say LANOLIN? Last night’s Flock Talk had to be my favorite yet.

We talked about evaluating wool clothes and helping fiber farmers find farms. I flashed some (new, unworn) wool undies. We had storytime, featuring a contemporary tale of sheep rustling.

And I got to share my favorite lanolin lotions and potions, a subject very dear to my heart (and hands). I put all my links and recommendations in the show notes.

Foundation Flock members, simply check your email for the link, or log into TWC and you’ll find it in the “Read” section.

If this sounds like fun and you aren’t yet a member of the Foundation Flock, now is an excellent time to join. Your support drives all TWC programming, and we have a lot of fun too. Simply head over to TheWoolChannel.com and follow the links.

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In American yarn, few names evoke as much history as "Germantown." While there hasn't been a Germantown yarn in years,

If there's one thing I love more than a delicate, crunchy woolen-spun wool, it's the idea of a delicate, crunchy

Already the driest continent on earth, Australia is in the grips of a severe drought that many farmers claim is

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One cold windy day in Portland, I realized I was just like the shoemaker's children who had no shoes. Only

In defense of swatching as a practical, spiritual, and deeply creative knitting enterprise all its own - with free patterns

As a proud resident of a state whose temperatures can stay below freezing for up to half the year, I

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For anyone who loves writing by hand, or who has fond, easy memories of writing with a plain old No.

The market for interchangeable circular needles has been well-served for years by Knitter's Pride, ChaoGoo, Denise, Addi, Signature, Tulip, Hiya Hiya,

Julie Weisenberger has a history of making tools that elevate your experience of a task. The Knitter's Block frees us from

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In early 2002, I received a large manila envelope in the mail from an address

While searching for an ancient Ute Indian trail in the White River National Forest 25+

Imagine being told by your doctor that you can no longer knit. What sounds like

Annabelle lives in a cold little town surrounded by snow and black chimney soot. One

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