potholdersI’m strangely smitten with Stina Tiselius’ new collection of knitted potholder patterns.

Potholders, you say? I know, I know.

Potholders are right up there with washcloths in the pantheon of oft-mocked (yet passionately adored) handknits. I’ve never made one myself, and I don’t dare use the one my grandma made in bright orange wool with a cable-rendered owl on one side.

But the patterns in this book, which is due out in December, have my fingers twitching to cast on. Winter’s coming, and with it, all the winter baking. It’s a perfect time to add some colorful new potholders to the drawer next to the stove.

What say you, will this be the year of the potholder?

→ Order it at Amazon.com

A few more books you may want to check out this fall: Donna Druchunas and June L Hall’s Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions, Kristine Vejar’s The Modern Natural Dyer (which we talked about a few weeks ago), and Ann Hood’s new anthology, Knitting Pearls: Writers About Knitting. (Full disclosure: I have an essay in that last book. It’s a letter to my unfinished projects. Of which there are many.)

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