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This is Clare’s favorite sweater, an ancient @llbean cardigan made in Scotland using a crisp and long-wearing woolen-spun lambswool - not the limp and slinky worsted superfine stuff they mostly use now, because everyone thinks that’s what we need. I’d been avoiding dealing with the holes because they seemed so daunting, but then she threatened to give it to Goodwill. Which, of course, prompted action. I decided to make the most of the mess and turn it into a clown sweater. She’s overjoyed, and the sweater is happy to be whole again. Wool loves to be loved. ...

I see a monkey in a tuxedo holding flowers. How about you? ...

For those six of you who appreciate my summer affair with soft-serve, I have sad news. The season ended yesterday. George - yes, the machine has a name - was officially switched off for the year. Thank you for your support during this difficult time. ...

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