The market for interchangeable circular needles has been well-served for years by Knitter's Pride, ChaoGoo, Denise, Addi, Signature, Tulip, Hiya Hiya, and Knitpicks Options. The

Julie Weisenberger has a history of making tools that elevate your experience of a task. The Knitter's Block frees us from the cumbersome, monolithic blocking board.

Swatching and gauge are the two least-sexy topics in knitting—and yet they are also the most vital. We swatch to know how many stitches

The principle underlying knitting is simple: You use two pointed sticks to pull loops of string through one another. But which sticks — or

You could say that Julie Weisenberger has a thing for gadgets. The creative brain behind the knitwear design line Cocoknits, Julie has brought us the

Sometimes the most useful tools are also the simplest. They have no moving parts, they require no batteries or clamps. Consider the humble darning

  "How many skeins do I need for a sweater?" The project may vary, but the question doesn't. When faced with a new yarn and a vague

First came the Knitter's Block, an ingenious set of padded floor tiles that you can assemble in different shapes to block whatever you want. Now,

Addi Turbos are the Cadillac of nickel-plated brass circular knitting needles, setting a standard against which all others in the market compete. The needles are

What makes a yarn split? I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is complicated. At a very high level, yarns can

Back in 2010, I heard about a new miracle material being used for knitting needles. It was a carbon fiber composite also found in

My house is full of knitting needles, yet I never seem to find the exact size and configuration I need. It's been a lifelong

Blocking is one of those intensely personal things, like swatching and even knitting itself. Some of us have a laissez-faire, spritz-and-stretch attitude that suits

What prompts someone to go into the knitting needle business anyway? It made perfect sense for Knitter's Pride. The Indian manufacturer got its start making

Blocking is to knitting what baking is to bread. It's the final act that turns a series of random stitches into beautiful, cohesive fabric. Some

How much attention do you pay to the needles you use? Are you fussy, or will you knit with pretty much anything? Have you

What on earth could a kitchen scale have to do with knitting? A lot more than you may think. Take a look at your stash.

Knitting needles are simple tools. They're basically a long shaft with a point at one end. And double-pointed needles (DPNs) have, as the name

Every project—whether it has one piece or twelve—needs a darning needle. Larger and duller than your average sewing needle, darning needles let us weave

I've used Denise Interchangeable knitting needles for years now, first using the standard set and more recently the pink Interchangeables. They're infinitely portable, flexible, and practical for almost

When I first started acquiring knitting needles, I religiously kept all their packaging and vowed to keep each needle in its corresponding package for

My first knitting needles were pink aluminum Boye straights that made an awful clanging noise every time I dropped them, which was pretty often. When

 As knitting began its meteoric rise in popularity earlier in this decade, new yarn stores and yarn companies emerged almost overnight. There was just

It's an ingenious idea, using interlocking floor mat pieces as a blocking surface for your knitted items. They can handle being stuck with pins,

While I take my knitting with me everywhere, I don't actually knit while I'm on the go. Lacking the ability to focus simultaneously on safe navigation

The pink ribbon has become a prominent cultural symbol for promoting breast cancer awareness. It began as a simple ribbon pinned to our clothing

When I first heard that Knit Picks was producing its own needles, I thought, "Uh-oh, this is the end of the needle market as

We've all had it happen. We don a new sweater—store-bought or handknit, doesn't matter—and proudly wear it out into the world for the first

Many hand knitters toy with the idea of buying a knitting machine at one time or another. Whether you are attracted to a machine

One of the most useful gifts you can give a knitter is a needlesizer. Oh sure, a few hundred yards of qiviut would be

The more mainstream knitting becomes, the harder it gets to find something that's truly unique. This is especially true with our needles, most of

Modeled after similar devices that were popular in earlier times, this nifty little tool will effectively cut through most yarns without posing any risks

If you've been to a yarn shop lately, you've likely seen an odd little plastic device clamped to a table. The crank handle turns

In the universal lexicon of hand gestures, if you stand in front of a knitter and hold out your arms, with your palms facing

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a

Many people are intimidated by the concept of using double-pointed needles, since it requires coordination of not two but four (and even five) separate

Circular needles aren't actually circular – they're made up of a long strand of nylon cord with two short needles attached at either end. Because