Clover Thread Cutter Pendant

Modeled after similar devices that were popular in earlier times, this nifty little tool will effectively cut through most yarns without posing any risks to your fingers.

While most of us carry scissors for this same purpose, some occasions—air travel, jury duty, or any other high-security activity—forbid such sharp tools. Now you have an alternative.

What is it?

Here’s how the thread cutter works. A round disk of sharp-edged steel is encased in a larger zinc disc. Small notches are cut in the larger disc to reveal the sharp edge of the inner disc.

Slide your yarn into that notch, give it a tug, and the sharp inner blade will cut through the yarn.

Because the notches are thin and small, only a tiny amount of the steel blade is ever exposed—enough to cut thread or yarn but nothing more. From a security perspective, your average ballpoint pen could do more damage.

Tool or Jewelry?

Made in Japan, Clover thread cutter pendant has an ornate floral relief pattern and pendant arm so that you can wear it as jewelry if so inclined. (I still find it a bit too rugged for such purposes, especially since it has “CLOVER” on one side and “JAPAN” on the other in rather large letters.)

Vital Stats

The pendant retails for anywhere between $5.06 and $7.50 (depending on the individual store) and is available anywhere you find Clover tools. 

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  • About airport security — The TSA have noticed that the cutting blade in these is a box cutter blade and banned them. THOUGH You may be lucky and get a checker who hasn’t a clue.

    A pack of dental floss can be used for thread cutting and for lifelines and also for something else, I think.

    (apologies seem to be stuck in upper case — i am not REALLY shouting!)

  • Wow, the case thing turned really weird — sorry again!


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