First came the Knitter’s Block, an ingenious set of padded floor tiles that you can assemble in different shapes to block whatever you want. Now, Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits has come up with another clever gadget: Knitter’s Keep.

Here’s the premise: How many times have you lost a stitch marker, or kept a cable needle clenched in your teeth while you worked to the next cable row, or rummaged between the sofa cushions to find that dropped darning needle? Probably more than once, I’m guessing.


Knitter’s Keep is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” things. It’s basically a smooth, silicone “snap” bracelet with a small square magnet—imagine a watch, but with a really big, thick face.

It’s not strong enough to pull cars or wreck your credit cards (though you’re advised to be careful if you have a magnet-sensitive medical device), but the magnet is strong enough to hold onto those little metal gadgets you always lose.

What You Get

The Knitter’s Keep ships in a simple paperboard tub.


Inside, you’ll find the bracelet, plus 10 small stitch markers, 10 larger markers, 10 stitch markers that open and close (great for marking rows), two bent-tip tapestry needles, and two curved cable needles. All are made of nickel-plated steel and packed in separate little envelopes.


A small cotton drawstring pouch rounds out the kit. You’d probably still want to keep the tiny stitch markers in their envelope (in case of a drawstring malfunction), but the pouch otherwise makes things much more portable.

Multiple Uses


Obviously you won’t be wearing this bracelet all the time, nor will you stock it with every single marker and needle that comes with the kit. But it will definitely come in really handy at certain moments—like on that first set-up row of a raglan sweater, when you keep being told to add markers. Or when you’re working frequent cables and need a cable needle handy and don’t particularly like the taste of metal.

Or even when you’re binding off an elaborate lace shawl that’s laden with stitch markers you don’t want to lose. Just hold the bracelet next to the needle when it’s time to slip off the stitch marker, and let the magnet slide them right off and hold them tight.

Come to think of it, the Knitter’s Keep would also come in quite handy when you’re pinning a garment onto a blocking board—whether it’s one of Julie’s or not. Instead of reaching over for a blocking pin, imagine snagging one right off your wrist.

While I was playing around with the bracelet, I spilled the smaller stitch markers all over the floor by mistake. Instead of fumbling around to pick them all up, I just swept the bracelet over the carpet and, bingo! Depending on how deep the crack, I suspect you could even use this to retrieve stitch markers that have fallen through a crack in the floor. Now there’s an idea.

Of course, if you’re not into stitch markers, don’t turn cables, and don’t really block much, Knitter’s Keep may hold limited appeal. But I suspect over time even you might use it more than you think.

Better yet, I can imagine that one dark and stormy night when you suddenly do find yourself grappling with tiny, fiddly metal gadgets a lightbulb will go off in your head. You’ll find your Knitter’s Keep, slap it onto your wrist, and never look back.

Fast Facts

Manufacturer: Cocoknits
Material: Silicone bracelet with brushed, steel-plated magnet; all tools nickel-plated steel
Available bracelet colors: Grey, blue, green, orange
Average retail price: $40
Where to buy online: Cocoknits
Made in: China
Review date: 12/5/2013
Source of review kit: Provided by Cocoknits
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