Fingerless mitts pattern excerpted from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

This pattern was designed with gorgeous artisanal yarns in mind. You know, the kinds that cost a fortune and so you only buy one skein and then struggle to figure out what you can make with it?

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Among such yarns, La Lana Wools Forever Random reigns supreme. This stunning handspun single is composed of plant-dyed fibers that glow like jewels when held in the sunlight.

Because the yarn is handspun and naturally dyed, two processes that require oodles more time than simple machine manufacturing, this yarn tends to be pricey—which makes the notion of a one-skein La Lana project even more appealing.

[Note: I’m sad to say that La Lana and its charismatic founder Luisa Gelenter are no longer with us.]


In the book, you’ll actually see these mitts knit in both La Lana Wools Forever Random Worsted Obverse and the more widely distributed Noro Kureyon. (Here you see the Noro mitts modeled in Maine by yours truly while Casey the cat looks on.)

Both yarns are worsted-weight singles with dramatic coloring, but you could just as well experiment with all sorts of other similar-weight yarns, from two-ply to textured.

The Maine Morning Mitts are capital-s Simple, require very little yarn, work up in a flash, and are a great way to play with the glorious orphan skeins in your stash.

I hope you have fun with the pattern. If you do make a pair of these mitts, I’d love to know which yarn you chose and how it worked out!

Pattern excerpted with permission from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn.
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  • Help!
    I am lost on the thumb gusset.

      • Thanks for this pattern, Clara! The tip about the thumb is greatly appreciated, too!

  • Hi Clara! in the pattern where it says ‘patt to end’ particularly on the thumb gusset section, does it mean follow the patterns of stitches detailed just preceding or revert back to overall rib pattern?


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