New Lace Knitting by Romi Hill

romi_laceRomi Hill is one of my favorite designers, especially for lace. She has a way of making yarn disappear into a cohesive sheet of etched beauty. Here, she has a brand new book from Interweave Press featuring 19 new garment and accessory designs. When we think of “lace,” it’s easy to focus on scarves and shawls, which are well represented here. But she also has really lovely cardigans, pullovers, and even a skirt.

Peek under the cover and you’ll also discover that this book was shepherded through production by the last of the great Interweave support teams, with Ann Budd as the editor and Lori Gayle the tech editor. Which means that not only does the book glow from Romi’s gift for lace, but it benefits from flawless technical and editorial execution.

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