The Sincere Sheep was launched by Brooke Sinnes in 2011. Based in Northern California, Brooke focuses on carefully sourced natural fibers—in both yarn and roving form—to which she applies color using only natural dyes.

Her taste in fibers is exquisite, a case in point being the blend called Luminous. This yarn combines 85% Polwarth wool and 15% Tussah silk in a thoroughly plump and well-rounded four-ply yarn.

One of the lesser-known finewools, Polwarth was developed in Australia in the 1880s by crossing Saxon Merino with Lincoln to produce a hardier, more adaptable dual-purpose breed. The fiber shares all the tender, spongy characteristics of Merino—but with a little more staple length, strength, and luster.

Meanwhile, Tussah is the silk variety produced from cocoons in which the silkworm is allowed to fully metamorphose into a moth and emerge. When blended with the Polwarth, the results give Brooke’s colors a gem-like richness and clarity.

Luminous ships in 320-yard skeins that currently retail for $32 apiece from The Sincere Sheep.

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