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We could all use a lift right now, yes? With that in mind, Stephen and Penelope and I have teamed up to create our own Crafty Pub Quiz for knitters and crocheters. (If pubs aren’t your thing, think of this as virtual teatime trivia.) 


Summons your craft buddies, nominate a quiz master, download our free quiz pack, and let the adventure begin!

Crafty Pub Quiz for Knitters and Crocheters


Play Quiz 2

Quiz Master question sheet (players, no peeking!)

Team Leader blank answer sheet sheet


Play Quiz 1

For the Quiz Master, here’s your Quiz Master question sheet (players, no peeking at the answers!).

For Team Leaders, here’s your blank Team Leader answer sheet.



How Does it Work?

Choose a Quiz Master and form teams of up to four people. You can also play with one-person teams if that is easier for you to manage, digitally speaking. Each team chooses a team name and a team leader. The leader fills in the answer sheet.

We like to conduct these quizzes via Zoom conferencing, but any video conferencing application will work. Advanced users can even set up one primary Zoom for their Quiz Master to run the quiz, and separate team Zooms for conferring about the answers. A chat group can also work for conferring. But no stress! Whatever is fun for you.

The quiz is worked in rounds. The Quiz Master asks each question and allows team leaders time to write down their answer on the Team Answer Sheet (which you can download here).

At the end of each round, the quiz master reads out the answers. Each team scores their own round, appointing 5 points to eash correct answer, and that round’s scores are submitted to the Quiz Master.

The Quiz Master keeps track of each round’s points on the master score sheet, and keeps the teams apprised of team standings after each round. At the end of round 4, a winner is announced!

What if disputes arise?

If there is a dispute about an answer it is ultimately up to the Quiz Master to decide if an answer is acceptable or not. Please, don’t let this break up friendships! If it gets to that, just blame us instead.

What is my prize for winning?

If fame, glory, and recognition among your friends is not enough, why not arrange your own prizes among your quiz group? It could be a skein of yarn donated by someone in the group, it could be a poem written by the quizmaster especially for the winner, it could be anything!

Share with us!

We’re excited to see quiz teams arising. And we’re super excited to see what creative prizes you’ve concocted! We would love it if you shared your team with us online using the hashtag #craftypubquiz

Share with others!

One day we will be free to roam the streets (and pubs and coffee shops) again. In this magical future, we would be pleased if you used this pub quiz for public quiz nights as long as you credit us on the work we’ve put in here. Thanks for doing that!


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