Stepping Stones Socks Pattern

Are you new to socks? Did you finish the How To Knit Socks tutorial and are you ready for your next pair?

For new, reluctant, or recently returned sock knitters, I’ve designed a simple beginner unisex sock pattern called Stepping Stones.

It’s the first pattern you’ll find in The Knitter’s Book of Socks, and it’s intended to help you over that initial sock hump.

Stepping-stones guide us from one place to the next. My hope is that these socks will start you on your own sock-knitting journey. If you’re new to socks, or if you’re feeling rusty and in need of a refresher course, begin here. Throughout the pattern you’ll find lots of helpful hand-holding that will familiarize you with the fundamentals of sock construction.

This sock also serves as a gentle reminder that, while most so-called sock yarns are extremely fine, you can knit a lovely pair of socks out of thicker yarns. For everyday comfort and wear, the maximum recommended thickness would be worsted-weight yarn, which is what I used in this pattern.

Download the Stepping Stones sock pattern.


Excerpted with permission from the author and publisher.
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